EDUC8 to build resilience

EDUC8 is an interdisciplinary, multi-track project conceptualised to build resilience in children and young people against radicalisation and polarisation through religious education in secondary schools and out-of-school settings.

A religious education program

A curriculum for secondary schools that will be available on web/tablet platforms.

In-class discussions

Teacher-led in-class discussions to cultivate dialogue and appreciation of the other.

Socialisation Program

Exchanges between students from different faith groups in form of well-planned repetitive social activities.

Aims of the project

  • to equip the youth with the basics of other faiths to develop mutual understanding and empathy,
  • to lay solid foundation in their own faith to make them less open to manipulation by terrorist recruiters,
  • to create teacher-led in-class discussions to cultivate dialogue and appreciation of the other, and
  • to build friendships among religiously diverse individuals through smart encounters.

Strengths of the Project

The project is promising in that it:

  • targets the most vulnerable age group, young people.
  • builds transferrable capacity that can be used in school, prison, social work and work settings.
  • does not point fingers to Muslims, giving the message that they are seen as risk for the society.
  • The main colour of the project, storytelling is a crucial tool to develop overall personality and an age-old tradition to relate values.
  • Its modular structure makes it easily replicable in all member states (MS) with language adjustment.

Project Partners

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This project has received funding from the European Union’s Internal Security Fund — Police under grant agreement No: 871090.